BTS to Serve in Military, Extending Hiatus to 2025

After much speculation and debate over exemptions, Big Hit Entertainment has officially announced that all seven BTS members will fulfil their mandatory military service in South Korea. Jin, the eldest, will be the first to enlist, right after the release of his forthcoming solo project later this month.

The label further revealed that the remaining six members will enlist in a staggered manner, based on their individual schedules. This decision extends the group’s previously declared hiatus until 2025.

Big Hit Entertainment lauded BTS’s decade-long journey to global stardom, stating … “The time has come for these young, healthy men to serve their country alongside their fellow citizens.”

Mandatory military service

In South Korea, men typically commence a 21-month military service by their 28th birthday. For those BTS members who have crossed this age threshold, special arrangements are being considered to fulfil their service obligations.

Earlier, Busan’s Mayor suggested PR ambassador roles for the city’s 2030 World Expo bid as alternative service options for BTS.

Big Hit added, “The release of their first anthology album earlier this year has set the stage for members to explore solo ventures. As part of the HYBE family, we are immensely proud that they will now serve their homeland.”

The group recently rallied behind Busan’s World Expo bid, delivering a free concert titled “BTS ‘Yet to Come’ in Busan,” which drew an audience of over 49 million, including 50,000 in-person attendees.

While the enlistment plans were not public at the time … RM, the group’s leader, assured fans, stating, “Have faith in us, and we will overcome any future challenges together.”

Big Hit concluded, “Following the spectacular concert for Busan’s World Expo bid and as each member embarks on individual projects, it’s the ideal time for BTS members to honourably serve their country.”

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