The Glory Part 1 review

Directed by Ahn Gil-Ho and scripted by Kim Eun-Sook, The Glory Part 1 on Netflix is a compelling narrative of a woman’s quest for justice against her high school tormentors. These individuals not only forced her to quit school but also left her with physical and emotional scars.

Moon Dong-Eun, the story’s protagonist, navigates a harrowing high school experience marred by ceaseless bullying, physical and sexual abuse, and theft. The series offers a chilling look into the sadistic joy her bullies take in her suffering.

Netflix's The Glory Part 1 review

Determined to turn her life into a weapon of revenge … Dong-Eun gains viewer support as the series skillfully blends her thirst for justice with deep empathy. Along her journey, she encounters allies who aid her cause, either deliberately or inadvertently.

“The Glory” excels in its storytelling, delivering a tense, fast-paced drama elevated by stellar performances. While it doesn’t indulge in gratuitous violence, the series succeeds in mentally and emotionally breaking down its characters. The tension is palpable, as if watching someone ensnared in an inescapable trap.

The ensemble cast, including Shin Ye-Eun and Jung Ji-So, who play younger versions of Park Yeon-Jin and Moon Dong-Eun, give remarkable performances. Lee Do-Hyun, portraying Joo Yeo-Jeong, adds layers to his seemingly innocent character.

Netflix's The Glory Part 1 review

Though challenging to binge-watch due to its intense subject matter, The Glory offers a satisfying payoff as Dong-Eun confronts her abusers. The series may occasionally feel slow or repetitive but holds your attention with unexpected twists and reveals.

Available on Netflix, The Glory is a gritty, revenge-driven drama that leaves you eagerly awaiting Part 2 for the story’s resolution.

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