NEWJEANS’ Minji on the cover of Elle Korea

Minji of K-pop group NEWJEANS recently became Chanel’s new brand ambassador. To celebrate this significant milestone! Minji graced the cover of Elle Korea, marking her inaugural cover photoshoot with the esteemed publication.

In a comprehensive interview accompanying the visually stunning cover feature … Minji, who is just 18, delved into her transformative experiences since making her debut with NEWJEANS. She discussed the eye-opening experience of seeing her personality captured in photos and videos. Minji believes these captured moments will evolve into treasured keepsakes as she continues to navigate her burgeoning career.

A candid interview

Discussing her views on the role of luck in her life, Minji acknowledged her good fortune. She revealed that she had been the recipient of serendipitous opportunities at pivotal moments in her career. More importantly, she emphasized her proactive approach to grabbing these chances as they presented themselves, attributing part of her success to this seize-the-day mentality.

Minji further elaborated on the euphoria she experiences from the positive affirmations she receives from her ever-growing fanbase, particularly after live performances. She takes immense pride in her ability to channel this fan-generated energy into her stage acts, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances her performances while also providing genuine enjoyment for herself and her audience.

This in-depth look into Minji’s personal and professional perspectives provides her fans, and the broader K-pop community, with a richer understanding of her life journey. It also sheds light on her mindset and values as she continues to rise as a compelling force in the global K-pop landscape.

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