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The Korean drama series “Call It Love,” an original production by Disney+, follows the story of Sim Woo-joo (portrayed by Lee Sung-Kyung), who seeks revenge after being forcefully evicted from her late father’s home by his lover. Woo-Joo’s target of rage becomes Han Dong-jin (Kim Young-Kwang), the son of her father’s mistress. However, as the story unfolds, Woo-joo unexpectedly finds herself falling in love with Dong-Jin.

On February 21, director Lee Kwang-young and the cast members participated in an online press conference to discuss the series. Director Lee expressed both anxiety and excitement about the premiere of the series on Disney+, not only in Korea but also worldwide. Despite challenging weather conditions, the cast worked diligently and the director hoped that the universal theme of love would resonate with viewers.

The director clarified that revenge was not the main focus of the series. She emphasized that although people often feel a desire for revenge, they understand that carrying out such actions is unrealistic in reality.

Kim Young-Kwang, who portrayed Dong-Jin, described his character as a lonely individual who has long struggled with inner turmoil. He expressed how his portrayal of Dong-Jin led him through various emotional experiences.

Director Lee believed that viewers would find solace and comfort in the series.

Lee Sung-Kyung, who played Woo-Joo, explained that her character was not someone who could successfully execute revenge, despite the heated connotation of the word. She added that Woo-joo fiercely defends something precious to her and experiences unexpected emotions.

Although the two lead actors were close friends in real life, they initially found it challenging to work together. However, to fully commit to their roles, they refrained from playful interactions on set.

Ahn Hee-Yeon portrayed Min-Young, Dong-Jin’s ex, and mentioned that her character had a lot of ambiguity.

Kim Ye-Won described her character, Hye-Sung, as someone who strives to maintain optimism in life and love. She also expressed how enjoyable it was to work on the set.

Sung Joon, who played Woo-Joo’s friend Yoon Joon, described himself as a responsible individual. He shared that working with Lee Sung-Kyung was comfortable as if he was spending time with a close friend from high school.

Initially, Director Lee had concerns about working with five actors with different personalities. However, she discovered that they were all considerate individuals.

The cast aimed to deliver the dialogue like everyday conversations, so they did not practice extensively before filming. They simply portrayed their characters on set, resulting in authentic and moving scenes.

In an exclusive Zoom interview, lead actors Young-Kwang and Sung-Kyung discussed the challenges they faced in bringing the screenplay to life. Sung-Kyung, who had just finished her previous project, felt pressured to perform at her best. However, with support and understanding from the director and the cast, she was able to let go of her worries.

For Young-Kwang, the most challenging aspect was delving into his character’s emotions, finding the right balance, and effectively portraying them. He had numerous conversations with the director throughout the production process to address these issues.

When it came to the atmosphere on set, Sung-Kyung noted that the series had a more concentrated and serious tone compared to typical romantic dramas. They needed to focus on understanding their characters better, considering their close friendship in real life.

Young-Kwang expressed his desire to show a different side of themselves to their fans accustomed to lighter romance series. He hoped that viewers could look forward to a more mature and realistic drama that highlights the power of human connection.

Sung-Kyung expressed her gratitude for the support and love from their global fans. She hoped that audiences would enjoy seeing her in new roles and characters. She encouraged fans to watch “Call It Love” and experience her growth as an actress.

“Call It Love” is now available for streaming on Disney+.

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