X:IN’s Aria in the spotlight

ARIA, the only Indian member of the highly anticipated K-pop group X:IN … Is garnering immense love and attention from fans worldwide.

The talented 20-year-old hailing from the Kerala region in India, has captured the support and excitement of her native fans. They are thrilled to witness someone from their own country making waves in the K-pop industry.

Not only is Aria receiving praise from Korean fans for her striking beauty and musical abilities but her talent and captivating performances have also gained her a dedicated fanbase in China.

X:IN, a multinational group, consists of two Korean members, one Korean-Australian member, one Russian member, and Aria representing India. They recently made their official debut with the song “Keeping the Fire,” leaving a lasting impression on fans worldwide.

Born on March 12, 2003, Aria has had prior experience as a child actress. Appearing in the Malayalam-language Indian movie titled “Melviasom” in 2011.

It’s worth noting that Aria is not the first Indian K-pop idol, as that distinction belongs to Shreya Lenka, also known as Sriya, from the group Black Swan. Black Swan comprises members Youngheun, Fatou, Judy, Leiam, and Sriya, representing a multi-national lineup.

To witness the debut music video of X:IN, click the link below and join in the excitement surrounding this promising new K-pop group.

Watch X:IN’s debut music video here:

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