Sassy K-pop stars whom we love

In the realm of K-pop, idols take delight in revealing their authentic selves both on and off camera. Fans especially love it when their K-pop stars decide to show off an edgy, sassy side of themselves.

Here are our favourite (and sassy) K-pop stars who always shine, both on and off the stage!


Sassy K-pop stars whom we love - Lisa from Blackpink

Lisa is the ultimate sassy K-pop extrovert, captivating fans with the contrast between her cute visuals and expressive sassy attitude on stage. While her attitude fits in perfectly alongside her BLACKPINK groupmates, she really lets it loose during her own solo tracks, such as Lalisa.

2. Jessi

Sassy K-pop stars whom we love - Jessi

Known for her brash behaviour and outspokenness, Jessi has built a reputation for herself as a fearless queen who gives as good as she gets and never lets the haters get her down. And no song captures her sassy spirit more than her 2022 hit Zoom.

3. CL (2NE1)

Sassy K-pop stars whom we love - CL from 2NE1

One of the top contenders for the title of Queen of Sassy K-pop idols is the legendary CL, real name Lee Chae-Rin. The former 2NE1 rapper has never been afraid of letting her attitude shine on stage in her tracks like 2015’s Hey Bitches, but also when she interacts with her fans.

4. Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Soyeon from (G)Idle

Every member of (G)I-DLE possesses their unique sassiness, with their charismatic leader Soyeon leading the pack. Alongside showcasing her unwavering confidence through her artistry and impressive rap abilities, Soyeon effortlessly transitions between adorable charm and fiery fierceness, endearing herself to her devoted Neverlands.

5. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin from BTS

Jimin from BTS has earned a reputation among fans and peers for his candid and direct nature. However, despite his outspokenness, he manages to express himself without being unkind. With his distinct blend of sassy and honesty, such as that seen in his 2023 solo track Like Crazy, Jimin inspires us to ‘keep it real’.

6. Renjun (NCT DREAM)

Renjun from NCT Dream

Renjun possesses a soft-spoken and gentle demeanour, but within NCT DREAM, he reigns as the member with a fierce and unapologetically savage wit, effortlessly delivering cutting remarks without any sugarcoating.

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