Jennie and The Weeknd’s Collab Skyrockets on Spotify

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is soaring to unprecedented heights on Spotify’s charts! Thanks to her groundbreaking collaboration with The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp. The track, One of the Girls, amassed an astonishing 1.432m streams within 24 hours of release on June 23, 2023. The song has since shattered the 3m streams barrier, making it Jennie’s most successful solo debut artiste on the platform.

This isn’t Jennie’s first rodeo with Spotify success. Her earlier solo track, aptly titled SOLO, made Jennie the first Korean artiste to surpass 500 million Spotify streams. This new collaboration further cements her status as a global music icon.

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Described as a slow-burning R&B masterpiece … One of the Girls features lyrics that delve into themes of sensuality, reminiscent of what audiences have seen on the HBO series The Idol. The track is not just a hit on Spotify; it’s also one of only two songs from The Idol series’ soundtrack to make a significant impact on music charts. The other chart-topping song is Double Fantasy, another collaboration between The Weeknd and Future.

With “One of the Girls,” Jennie and The Weeknd have not only created a musical sensation but also contributed to the broader cultural conversation, especially in the realm of R&B and pop music. This collaboration is more than just a chart-topping hit; it’s a testament to the global influence of artists like Jennie and The Weeknd, who continue to redefine the boundaries of music and entertainment.

Listen to One of the Girls here:

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