Fans shocked over sudden end to Jennie’s run on The Idol

Fans of the HBO series The Idol were left stunned and dismayed over the apparent sudden end to the production. Starring The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp and BLACKPINK’s Jennie in her Hollywood debut.

Jennie’s acting had been widely praised for her performance in the series as Dyanne … A rising young popstar who befriend’s Lily-Rose Depp’s character Jocelyn.

Jennie Blackpink The Idol
Jennie in a scene from ‘The Idol’. –

The controversial drama series aired its fourth episode on June 25 and concluded with a teaser for the following episode … Which it said would be “the series finale”.

The news surprised many because The Idol was originally announced as a six-episode miniseries.

Despite the initial buzz surrounding the star-studded show, The Idol had been the target of heavy criticism in the past weeks due to its overtly raunchy scenes and somewhat confusing storyline, and had been losing viewers with each episode.

Many believed that the series had been cut short, leaving dim prospects for a second season.

While this is sad news for Jennie, we have no doubt that she will have more chances to shine in Hollywood!

What do you think of Jennie’s performance in The Idol?

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