Netflix military drama D.P. releases intense Season 2 trailer

Tensions are high in the teaser trailer for Season 2 of the military K-drama D.P., which is coming to Netflix on July 28, 2023.

The new season of D.P. sees the return of stars Jung Hae-In and Koo Kyo-Hwan, reprising their respective roles as Ahn Joon-Ho and Han Ho-Yeol. The Deserter Pursuit Unit (D.P.) has assigned the two as soldiers. They are responsible for tracking down and apprehending deserters.

The military K-drama is noted for its realistic portrayal of the Korean armed forces and its exploration of the themes of social injustice and mental health. One of the first lines of dialogue in the trailer is Joon-Ho stating their mission: “To bring them back, safe and sound.”

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The trailer hints at two possible storylines for this season. Bullies push an overweight recruit until he snaps. Someone attacks a soldier for being a drag queen. Amidst the heartbreaking scenes, the series’ main message flashes across the screen: “Nothing will ever change, unless we do something.”

The first season of D.P. received praise for addressing heavy issues such as bullying and toxic masculinity in the military. It has had a significant impact on South Korean society, raising awareness of the issue of military hazing and bullying. The K-drama has also been credited with helping to change the way that the Korean military deals with these issues.

Watch the Netflix teaser trailer below:

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