NEWJEANS on cover of V magazine’s Global Music Issue

The lovely ladies of NEWJEANS, no strangers to magazine covers, will grace the cover of V Magazine’s fall preview issue, also known as the Global Music Issue.

Each member will appear individually on the cover, resulting in five separate variations.

The magazine announced on its social media pages that three of the individual covers feature Danielle, Hanni, and Minji.

In the caption, the magazine wrote: “For V143, our new fall preview issue, V set our sights on the teen pop sensations that’s got the youth of today hooked. With NewJeans (as their name signifies a literal fresh crop of genes in the industry), the girl wonders are further cementing K-Pop into global music’s DNA.”

Fans who clicked on the link to purchase the variant covers also got a sneak peek of a fourth cover featuring Haerin.

The magazine has yet to reveal the fifth and final cover featuring Hyein.

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous, ethereal covers below:

Danielle NewJeans in V magazine
Minji NewJeans in V magazine
Hanni NewJeans in V magazine
Haerin NewJeans in V magazine

UPDATE: V magazine cover for NEWJEANS’ Hyein finally revealed

Earlier this week, V Magazine announced NEWJEANS as the digital cover stars for its fall Global Music Issue.

Danielle, Hanni, Minji, and Haerin’s covers have already been unveiled. Now, the magazine has unveiled Hyein’s cover! It shows her turning her face to the camera, with several stalks of white flowers in the foreground.

Fans can purchase each individual variant cover featuring NEWJEANS on V magazine’s website.

The magazine prices each variant cover at $15.50.