NEWJEANS recall ‘excitement’ just before making their debut

K-pop group NEWJEANS said that they were “happy and nervous” just before the group made its debut in July 2022.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine … The K-pop group shared behind-the-scenes insights before and after releasing their hit song, Attention.

The article revealed that NEWJEANS members bucked K-pop tradition by suggesting a teaser-free song release.

“Before debuting, our president would invite us each into her home for a meal, and there was one time she invited us over as a group,” Hyein, the youngest member, recalls. “She asked us, ‘How would you want to roll out teasers for your debut?’ I think she was curious about what we would say. I just said, ‘I think it would be fun to just have no teaser at all,’ and she said ‘Oh? That’s actually what we’re planning on doing!’ ” 

Rolling Stone
NEWJEANS members recall 'excitement' just before making their debut

NEWJEANS members also gave an adorable analogy about how they see their relationship, describing themselves as “a sandwich”.

According to the group, “Hanni is the bread; Danielle, who is always smiling and speaks with such enthusiasm, is a mix of crunchy and fresh root vegetables and lettuce; Minji is the egg; Haerin is a soft avocado; and Hyein, who loves to crack jokes and is adored as the youngest one by her members, is the ham and cheese”. That’s how you make a NEWJEANS K-pop sandwich.

The article also praised how the members appear to be “in sync” with each other, even to the extent of helping each other out when it comes to speaking in different languages, as the group has three English-speaking members.

NEWJEANS is currently preparing to release its second EP, Get Up, with the teaser for its upcoming single ASAP making its debut on YouTube:

So what did you think of the members of NEWJEANS being nervous before their debut?

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