Sparks fly between Yoona and Junho in King the Land clip

The chemistry between Yoona and Junho is off the charts in the Netflix romantic K-drama King the Land. The two play warring executives in the high-pressure environment of the luxury hotel industry.

Junho plays Goo Won, a chaebol heir on the path to taking over the family business. Yoona is Cheon Sa-Rang, the hotel’s “queen of smiles and hospitality”. Goo Won’s bad attitude tests her patience.

The two actors have great chemistry together, and their performances have been praised by critics and fans alike. The K-drama has been a hit in South Korea, and it has also gained a following overseas.

In a clip from Episode 3 of King the Land which was released on YouTube. In it, the two are taking part in a photoshoot, and cannot resist throwing barbs at each other.

Sa-Rang hits a nerve when she says that Goo Won “cannot smile”. This causes a frustrated Goo Won to try to prove her wrong.

When the time comes for the photographer to snap the picture, Goo Won’s ‘smile’ looks more like a terrifying smirk!

The hilarious scene showcases the two stars’ mastery of micro-expressions. It allows them to perfectly express their character’s disdain for each other using just their body language.

Both Yoona and Junho are also able to convey an underlying sense of sexual tension. This sets the scene for Sa-Rang and Goo Won to go from rivals to eventual romantic partners.

Watch the clip below and judge for yourself:

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