The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Cast Share Their Fav Co-Stars

The curtains have closed on the SBS period drama The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, but the buzz around the show is far from over. Adapted from a popular web novel, the series featured Shin Ye-Eun as Yoon Da-Oh, co-owner of the mysterious Ihwawon Inn. The inn’s guests, portrayed by Kang-San (Ryeoun), Kim Si-Yeol (Kang Hoon), and Jeong Yoo-Ha (Jung Gun-Joo), each come with their own hidden pasts, eventually becoming entangled in a 13-year-old enigma.

In a candid conversation with Soompi, the ensemble cast divulged their personal picks for their favourite guest characters on the show. Shin Ye-Eun was smitten by Si-Yeol’s “magnetic allure and earnest demeanour,” lauding Kang Hoon’s nuanced performance. She elaborated, “It’s the kind of role that would be a dream for any actor.”

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Kang Hoon expressed a preference for the reserved Jeong Yoo-Ha, stating, “I envision him quietly engrossed in a book beside me.” Jung Gun-Joo, on the other hand, found it challenging to pick a favourite. He said, “Each character has its unique appeal. While Ryeoun is like a mischievous younger sibling, Kang Hoon exudes the stability of a dependable elder.”

Ryeoun wished the fictional Ihwawon Inn were real, expressing a desire to “share a stay with both of my co-stars.” He explained, “Jung Yoo-Ha is a selfless visionary aspiring to be king.” Kim Si-Yeol is the kind of friend who’d put his life on the line for Kang-San.

The actors also took the opportunity to reflect on their camaraderie and individual acting journeys. This adds another layer of depth to their on-screen personas. With such a harmonious cast, it’s no wonder The Secret Romantic Guesthouse has captured the hearts of viewers.