Is SF9’s Rowoon set to star in new historical drama?

News outlets are reporting that SF9’s Rowoon is in talks for the lead role in an upcoming historical drama series. The series is said to be titled Muddy Waters. Chung Sung Il, writer of the successful 2010 drama The Slave Hunters, will script it.

Limited information is available about the series at this time. Reportedly, it will be a captivating Korean historical drama that meticulously showcases the culture and social customs of the Joseon era.

The story is about the extraordinary journey of a man who rises from humble beginnings to become a legendary figure. While this leaves us very little to go on, just the prospect of seeing Rowoon in such a role has excited fans.

Sadly, there’s no official confirmation of whether or not Rowoon has taken on this role. However, fans will still be able to see the SF9 member onscreen, as Rowoon will star in the upcoming JBTC series Destined With You. The project will premiere in August.

Rowoon in Destined With You

Destined With You will see Rowoon play a lawyer named Jang Shin-Yoo. Shin-Yoo is accidentally bound by an ancient curse. Jo Bo-Ah joins him as Lee Hong-Jo, a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom.

This is the latest lead role for SF9’s Rowoon. The former K-pop idol made his debut as an actor in the 2017 K-drama School 2017, with a cameo role.

One of his best-known performances is in the 2019 drama Extraordinary You. He plays a character who is unaware that he lives in a comic book.

His last major role was in the hit K-drama The King’s Affection. There he played the tutor to the crown prince, who is really a woman in disguise.

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