NEWJEANS Graces V Magazine’s Digital Cover

V Magazine has recently unveiled its much-anticipated digital cover for the Global Music Issue, and it’s nothing short of spectacular! It features the entire ensemble of the K-Pop sensation, NEWJEANS. The cover art is a visual feast, capturing Danielle, Hanni, Minji, Haerin, and Hyein in a striking pose against dual ladder-like structures that ingeniously form the iconic letter ‘V.’

Before the group cover reveal, V Magazine teased fans by gradually releasing individual covers of each member. These exclusive covers were made available for purchase through the magazine’s official website, adding an element of exclusivity and anticipation.

In a preceding announcement on social media, V Magazine eloquently articulated their choice to spotlight NEWJEANS on their coveted cover. The post read:

For V143, our upcoming fall preview edition, we’ve turned our focus toward the teen pop phenomena captivating today’s youth. NEWJEANS, symbolizing a fresh influx of talent in the music industry, are not just rising stars but are also solidifying K-Pop’s indelible imprint on the global music landscape.

– V Magazine

By featuring NEWJEANS, who embody a new wave of genetic brilliance in the realm of K-Pop, V Magazine is not only acknowledging but also celebrating the genre’s growing influence on the international music scene. This cover is a testament to NEWJEANS’ meteoric rise and their role in embedding K-Pop deeper into the DNA of global music culture.

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