8 Beloved Maknaes in K-pop: Why Fans Adore Them

In the world of K-pop, the maknae is the youngest member of the group. They’re known for their cute image and are often spoiled by the group’s older members.

However, the role of the maknae is far from one-dimensional. Many new generation maknaes are recognized for their exceptional talents or outspoken personalities, making them standout members within their groups.

Here are 8 beloved maknaes in K-pop:

1. Taemin (SHINee)

8 Beloved Maknaes in K-pop: Taemin

Making his debut 15 years ago with his group, Taemin quickly became popular due to his extraordinary talent. His mesmerizing dance moves and soulful vocals mark him as an exceptional maknae in the K-pop industry.

Transitioning from his on-stage persona, Taemin is also beloved by his fellow groupmates and fans alike. His friendly relationships with other idols further highlight his affable nature. Particularly, his connection with Jimin from BTS stands out.

Recently, this friendship led to an exciting collaboration. Taemin and Jimin teamed up for a dance challenge to celebrate SHINee’s comeback with their latest hit, Hard. This collaboration showcased individual talents and symbolized camaraderie and respect between two iconic K-pop stars. Whether on stage or off, Taemin continues to shine, setting standards and winning hearts across the globe.


8 Beloved Maknaes in K-pop: Lisa

Lisa, the dynamic and irresistible maknae of BLACKPINK, has captured the world’s attention with her remarkable dancing skills and undeniable stage presence. Her talents extend beyond that; she has also proven her capabilities as a rapper and vocalist.

From group performances with BLACKPINK to her own solo acts, Lisa’s versatility shines through. Her ability to excel in various musical roles has cemented her place as a standout artist in the K-pop scene.

But Lisa’s appeal extends beyond her musical talents. Her natural beauty and sophisticated visuals have caught the eye of international fashion brands. As a result, she has become an ambassador for various prestigious companies, including Celine and Bulgari.

From stage to runway, Lisa’s multifaceted talents and charisma make her a favorite among fans and brands. Her unique blend of skill, style, and grace sets her apart as a true icon in the entertainment industry. Whether performing with BLACKPINK or representing high-end fashion brands, Lisa’s influence is felt globally, and her star continues to rise.

3. Jungkook (BTS)

8 Beloved Maknaes in K-pop: Jungkook

Not all maknaes are made the same. Jongkook, the golden maknae of BTS, commands the stage with his impeccable vocals, impressive dance skills, and charismatic presence. His close relationship with his groupmates extends to his ability to cheer everyone up with his sense of humour, creating a cohesive and joyful group dynamic.

What truly sets Jongkook apart is his ability to connect with audiences through his soulful performances and genuine personality. These qualities have made him a beloved figure in the K-pop industry, winning hearts worldwide.

BTS fans eagerly await Jongkook’s debut solo digital single, set to release on July 14, 2023. With his proven talent and unique charm, many are looking forward to seeing him shine in this new endeavour. Jongkook’s upcoming single represents not only a new chapter in his career but also his growth as an artist.

4. Hyein (NEWJEANS)

8 Beloved Maknaes in K-pop: Hyein

Hyein, with her vibrant energy and magnetic stage presence, stands as a key part of NEWJEANS. Her high-energy dance skills don’t just complement her strong vocals; they define her as an all-around performer who excels in every aspect of entertainment.

Her natural charisma and striking visuals have not only endeared her to fans but also caught the attention of the fashion industry. Hyein’s unique appeal helped her land the role of ambassador for Louis Vuitton, making her the youngest idol to achieve this honour.

Whether on stage with NEWJEANS or representing a world-renowned fashion brand, Hyein’s multifaceted talents and undeniable charm continue to make this maknae a standout figure in the entertainment world.

5. Hueningkai (TXT)

Among K-pop maknaes, Hueningkai of TXT brings a unique blend of vocal prowess and stage presence that sets him apart. His versatility as a rapper, singer, and dancer makes him a standout performer within the group, showcasing a wide range of talents that resonate with fans.

His unique visuals, inherited from his American father and Korean mother, have especially captivated fans, adding to his appeal. But it’s not just his looks that draw people in; Hueningkai’s charismatic performances both on and off the stage allow him to connect more closely with the group’s fans.

From rapping, singing, dancing, or engaging with fans, Hueningkai’s multifaceted talents and genuine connection with the audience continue to make him a beloved figure in the K-pop world.

6. Yeri (RED VELVET)

One of the sweetest maknaes in K-pop is Yeri of RED VELVET, captivates fans with her enthralling performances and vocal abilities, making her a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop scene. Her talents extend beyond singing and performing; she has also proven herself as a capable songwriter.

With writing credits on Close To Me, RED VELVET’s collaboration with Ellie Golding and Diplo, as well as her own solo track Dear Diary, Yeri showcases her artistic depth and creativity. Her contributions to the group’s music add a unique flavour that resonates with fans.

But Yeri’s influence doesn’t stop at music. Her natural charisma and beauty inspired her to launch a lipstick line in 2020 with Notre Colette. This entrepreneurial venture further highlights her multifaceted talents and appeal.

On stage with RED VELVET, penning hit songs, or creating her own beauty products, Yeri continues to grow as a versatile and beloved figure in the entertainment industry.


I.N., the maknae of STRAY KIDS, defies expectations with his remarkable vocal abilities and a maturity that belies his years. His profound talents led him to confess that if not an idol, he’d have pursued teaching elementary school.His natural skills as a performer shine through in every performance, allowing him to convey a wide range of emotions with ease. But it’s not just his vocal prowess that makes him stand out; I.N.’s sweet and friendly personality has won over fans, making him an essential member of STRAY KIDS.

8. Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna, viewed as the bright and talented member of ITZY, radiates infectious energy and powerful vocals that have won the hearts of fans across the globe. Her talents as a performer are undeniable, but it’s her warm and endearing personality that makes her truly relatable to fans.

Fans adore Yuna not just for her vocal prowess but also for her cute visuals and ability to lift spirits with her smile. Her positive mindset and determination to always give her best further enhance her appeal.

These maknaes are just a few of the many young, talented stars who are gracing the world of K-pop today. As they continue to push boundaries in the industry, their influence will continue to shape the world of K-pop for years to come. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for them!

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