Legendary bromances in K-dramas that stole our hearts

Legendary bromances in K-dramas have stolen our hearts, and here’s why. Korean dramas, or K-dramas, are captivating global audiences with their engaging narratives, fascinating characters, and emotionally touching relationships. Bromances in K-dramas hold a special place, becoming a standout element that deeply resonates with viewers.

GOBLIN (2016)

Legendary bromances in K-dramas goblin
The Goblin and the Grim Reaper love to tease each other. – Twitter

Goblin showcases a unique bond between two immortal beings, Goblin (Gong-Yoo) and Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-Wook). Initially, at odds, their relationship gradually transforms into a deep and meaningful friendship.

Together, they journey through their eternal lives, providing solace, companionship, and comic relief to each other.

Their banter and emotional connection tug at the heartstrings, leaving viewers longing for a friendship as enduring as theirs.


Park Hyung-Sik and Ji-Soo act out a hilarious scene from Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon.

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon features a legendary bromance between the charismatic CEO, Ahn Min-Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik), and the determined detective, In Gook Doo (Ji-Soo). As they find themselves entangled in a love triangle, their friendship remains intact.

They rely on each other for guidance and support, showcasing a genuine bond built on trust and loyalty.

The bromance in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, capturing friendship amid romantic rivalry, made it a hit drama in 2017.  


Being a bro means getting along with their significant others too. – Pinterest

The drama Fight for My Way beautifully illustrates the deep friendship between the two lead characters Ko Dong-Man (Park Seo-Joon), and Kim Joo-Man (Ahn Jae-Hong).

The two lifelong friends share a common dream of achieving success. Despite obstacles and challenges, they support each other, never letting competition overshadow their bond.

Viewers of the series have commented that they admire how the two characters stand by each other through thick and thin as it underscores the importance of having a reliable friend to rely on during life’s trials and tribulations.

The bromance between Ko Dong-Man and Kim Joo-Man serves as a reminder of the power of friendship and the importance of having someone to lean on during hard times.

HWARANG (2016-2017)

You can never have too many bros. -Twitter

This historical drama centres on the powerful bond between Hwarang members played by Park Seo-Joon, Park Hyung-Sik, Choi Min-Ho, Do Ji-Han, and Kim Tae-Hyung (V).

Fans of the series were particularly drawn to the humorous exchanges and camaraderie among the male protagonists. These elements add a layer of light-heartedness to the series, making Hwarang an enjoyable watch.

Hwarang is one of those rare gems that easily blend historical drama, romance, comedy, action and legendary bromances in a neat package.


Legendary bromances in K-dramas THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH
Lee Min-Ho and Woo Do-Hwan in a cute scene from The King: Eternal Monarch

In The King: Eternal Monarch, viewers are treated to a profound bromance between Lee Gon, portrayed by Lee Min-Ho, the reigning King of the Kingdom of Corea, and his dedicated bodyguard, Jo-Yeong, played by Woo Do-Hwan.

Lee Gon and Jo Young forged a friendship together while growing up in the imperial palace. Despite official roles as ruler and subject, the bond between these long-standing friends surpasses even that of brothers. They share a deep and profound connection that transcends their formal statuses.

Jo Yeong’s dedication to Lee Gon’s safety and well-being is one of the highlights of the series.


We agree that Business Proposal deserves two thumbs up. -Pinterest

Business Proposal presents the bromance between CEO Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyu-Seop) and his trusty secretary Cha Sung-Hoon (Kim Min-Kyu).

The two navigate the ups and downs of business and relationships together.

With familial ties and an unorthodox but mutually trusting bond, they understand each other without having to say a single word.

Their support, camaraderie, and shared experiences showcase the power of bromance in the business world.


My bro is a convict but he is still my bro. Park Hae-Soo and Jung Kyung-Ho in a scene from Prison Playbook. – Twitter

This K-drama centres around the life of baseball player Kim Je-Hyuk (Park Hae-Soo) who finds himself behind bars after he assaults a man guilty of abusing his younger sister.  

The narrative primarily revolves around Je Hyuk’s experiences within the confines of the prison and the relationships he cultivates with the diverse individuals he comes across during his sentence.

A significant subplot of the series involves Je Hyuk’s bromance with Lee Joon-Ho (Jung Kyung-Ho), who, in a twist of fate, is employed at the same correctional facility.  

The drama intricately explores how their friendship navigates this complex situation, adding an additional layer of depth to the storyline.


The legendary bromance in K-drama TALE OF THE NINE-TAILED 1938
Do you really want to hurt me, bro? Lee Dong-Wook and Kim Bum have amazing chemistry together.

In Tale of the Nine-Tailed, our Gumiho protagonist is unexpectedly transported from the present to 1938 when a valuable stone is maliciously stolen. To return the stone to its correct era, he must confront both allies and adversaries from his past, including his previously estranged brother.

The bromance between Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-Wook) and Lee Rang (Kim Bum) has garnered much attention and love from fans. Their bickering, comical moments, and shared experiences have deepened their bond, showcasing the strength of their bromance.

These legendary bromances have captured our hearts through their emotional depth, unwavering support, and shared experiences. From laughter to tears, they have reminded us of the power of genuine connections and the importance of having someone who stands by our side.

Through these legendary bromances, K-dramas continue to inspire us to cherish and celebrate the remarkable bonds forged in the realm of friendship.


Screen cap from the K-drama Don't dare to dream.
What happens when you and your bro fall for the same girl? Find out by watching Don’t Dare To Dream! – Pinterest

In Don’t Dare To Dream, our two main characters, Jung Won (Go Kyung-Pyo) and Hwa Shin (Jo Jung-suk) are best buddies whose friendship is put to the ultimate test when they fall for the same girl.

These legendary bromances have captured our hearts through their emotional depth, unwavering support, and shared experiences. The relationships explored in the above series reminds us, the viewer, of how important it is to have someone by our side as we go through life.      

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