Top 10 aegyo moves by K-pop idols

Aegyo is a term used to describe cute, adorable gestures made by K-pop idols to show their charm. Thanks to K-pop’s global reach, people all over the world have adopted aegyo today. Even international celebrities are known to show off their aegyo skills during press events in Korea.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa made headlines by teaching Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin aegyo moves at the Bulgari Serpenti event in Seoul this year.

Here is a list of aegyo moves to help expand your moves during selfie moments!

1. Finger Hearts: Tokens of Love

One of the most recognizable aegyo poses, the finger heart is extremely simple to create. Just form a small heart by pressing your thumb and index finger together. This gesture has become a global phenomenon, with fans and celebrities alike adopting it as a sign of love. K-pop supergroup BTS use the move to show appreciation towards their ARMY fandom. International celebrities visiting Korea also widely adopt this gesture.

Top 10 aegyo moves by K-pop idols 
- Finger Hearts: Tokens of Love by K-pop idols

2. Heart Hands: Spreading Love and Affection

This gesture has become a symbol of gratitude and love that idols use to express deep appreciation. It is a common sight seen during concerts, fan meetings and photo sessions. The adorable gesture creates an instant emotional connection with fans and is meant to make them feel cherished and valued. Girl group TWICE were famous for using heart hands to express their love and gratitude towards their devoted ONCE fandom.

Top 10 aegyo moves by K-pop idols - Heart Hands: Spreading Love and Affection by K-pop idols

3. Bunny Ears: Playful and Innocent

Just make two peace signs using the index and middle fingers of both hands and tuck them behind your head. K-pop stars often use this adorable aegyo movement to present a playful and innocent look. They also perform the move on their group mates as a prank from time to time.

Top 10 aegyo moves by K-pop idols - Bunny Ears: Playful and Innocent by K-pop idols

4. The V-sign: Victory and Happiness

When done using one hand, the peace sign is the universal gesture of victory and happiness. The K-pop twist is to place the hand close to the face and then tilting the head slightly. This adds a whimsical touch and is a popular gesture during photoshoots. The V-sign is a favourite of singer and actress IU who uses it to signal her love to fans. Fans have noted that the gesture helps enhance her sweet and charming image.

Top 10 aegyo moves by K-pop idols - The V-sign: Victory and Happiness by K-pop idols

5. Pouting Fingers: A Cute and Shy Look

The Pouting fingers is a charming aegyo gesture. K-pop stars press their fingers against their cheeks while either smiling or puffing them out and giving a pout. This movement is often used to convey feelings of shyness, cuteness or playfulness. Popular among younger female idols, this move has also been used by male K-pop stars to charm their fans.

Top 10 aegyo moves by K-pop idols - Pouting Fingers: A Cute and Shy Look by K-pop idols

6. Flowering Face: Presenting Adoration

Turn up your palms and place them underneath your face, with the heels of both hands pressed against the chin.

The objective is to make the face appear as the centre of a flower. The innocent child-like nature of the gesture is definitely a fan favourite.

The gesture looks especially good when performed by male K-pop idols who want to present an angelic impression.

Flowering Face: Presenting Adoration

7. Kiss Blows: Virtual Kisses

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has a signature move known as the “kiss blow” that she often performs regularly. This endearing gesture is a way for Lisa to establish an intimate and special connection with her fans. BLINKS around the world love this gesture as it makes them feel cherished and valued.

Kiss Blows: Virtual Kisses by Blackpink's Lisa

8. Kitten Paws: Fluffy and Sweet

The super cute kitten pawing is an adorable aegyo move that mimics the pawing actions of a kitten.

Among the members of GIRLS’ GENERATION, Sunny stood out for her frequent use of this gesture. Sunny’s kitten paw gestures add charm and cuteness to her persona, which contributed to her popularity among fans.

Kitten Paws: Fluffy and Sweet

9. Finger Wiggling: Adorable Greetings

Finger wiggling is a good alternative to a handwave. Just raise your hands with palms outwards, and wiggle your fingers in the air. For extra effect, add a playful smile. Used to create a lighthearted atmosphere during K-pop idol interactions with fans, whether in concerts or fan meetings. It also uses up less energy than waving, which means idols can perform this gesture for longer periods of time. RED VELVET member Joy uses finger-wiggling aegyo when meeting fans, charming them with her bubbly smile at the same time.

Cute Finger Wiggling: Adorable Greetings

10. Boo-Boo Face: Pretend Crying

Crying never looked this cute! K-pop idols often make the popular “boo-boo face” gesture to add lighthearted moments during interactions. Make a fist and rub it against your cheeks or under your eyes to mimic crying. An idol uses this gesture when their groupmates tease them. They pretend to be sad about becoming the butt of the joke and seek sympathy from fans. Showing the boo-boo face usually means that they are also in on the joke. Serial trickster J-Hope is known to employ this move to gain sympathy when he is caught by his group mates.

Cute Boo-Boo Face: Pretend Crying

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