6 K-pop stars and the pets who love them

The life of a K-pop idol might look exciting and glamorous, but they go through many of the same challenges that we do. And just like us, they find comfort in the soft, comforting presence of their pets.

In their dorms or training spaces, idols can unwind and be authentic with their small companions. And sometimes, they will even share photos or videos of these special moments with their fans on social media. Some celebrity pets have become so well-known among fans that they are almost as famous as their owners!

Here are some of our favorite K-pop stars along with the pets who stay loyally by their side.

1. Jungkook (BTS) and his family pets

K-pop pets - Jungkook and his pets

We start off with BTS member Jungkook, who is a confirmed dog lover. He currently has a Doberman named Bam and two Italian Greyhounds named Paengie and Songie. All of whom he adopted over the past few years. He also previously had a 20-year-old white Maltese pooch named Gureum, who sadly passed away in 2021.

In the past, Jungkook would frequently share photos of him cuddling his beloved pets on his personal social media account. They adored seeing how close the K-pop idol was with his pets, and how much he enjoyed being with them. When Jungkook announced Gureum’s passing, they flooded his account with messages of love and comfort.

When Jungkook is on the road, Bam, Paengie and Songie are looked after by his brother, but fans know that the moment he is home, he can’t wait to get them in his arms and give them plenty of kisses and cuddles.

2. Rosé (BLACKPINK) and her dog Hank

This is one pooch who is almost as famous as his beloved owner. BLACKPINK’s Rosé is so in love with her cute doggo Hank that she even created an Instagram account for him. Hank currently has 4.8 million followers!

She posts pics and videos of Hank’s daily activities with her, like playing at home and walking.

The K-pop idol and her pet share a beautiful bond together. Rosé has stated many times that Hank’s calm nature gives her plenty of joy. She said her life has been so much better since he came into her life in 2020.

She brings him almost everywhere, including when she has interviews or photoshoots. Hank even has his very own pet collar from Tiffany & Co. a brand for which Rosé is the global ambassador. If this is a dog’s life, count us in!

3. Taeyeon (GIRLS’ GENERATION) and her dog Zero

Another sweet K-pop pupper with his own Instagram account is Zero, the pint-sized grey poodle belonging to GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Taeyeon. She frequently appears in pictures, adoringly giving him plenty of hugs and kisses. She has said that when she adopted him in 2017, she was at a low point in her life, but the unconditional love he showed her gave her the strength to persevere.

Besides being a much-loved K-pop pet, Zero is also a celebrity in his own right. He has appeared in an advertisement for pet brand Lieve with Taeyeon, and even has his own collection with Korean clothing brand SPAO FRIEN:DS.

SM Entertainment officially lists him as an employee!

4. BamBam (GOT7) and his cats

K-pop pets - Bambam love his cats

From dogs, we move to cats, and the ultimate cat daddy is GOT7 member BamBam. The K-pop idol is the proud owner of four cuddly kitties whose names are Pudding, Latte, Cupcake and King. He frequently shares photos and videos of his beloved pets, and they even make special appearances in his livestreams.

Three of his cats have perfectly groomed, furry coats, but Latte is a hairless Sphynx breed cat. Because of this, BamBam has purchased a series of cat-sized sweaters for Latte to wear during cool weather.

BamBam, who speaks Thai, English and Korean, revealed that spoke to his cats only in Korean, in order for them to be able to understand instructions from vets when they lived in South Korea. Now that BamBam has moved back to his native Thailand, we wonder if he has had to teach them a new language!

5. Soobin (TXT) and his hedgehog Odi

K-pop pets - Soobin and his hedgehog

One of the more unusual K-pop idol pets has to be TXT member Soobin’s pet hedgehog Odi. Soobin adopted Odi in April 2021, and took care of him in the group’s dorm rooms. In interviews, he said that after a long day of rehearsals, his greatest joy was being able to return and play with Odi before going to bed.

Odi is named after the Korean word for “mulberry”. According to Soobin, he gave Odi that name following the belief that pets named after foods would live a long and healthy life. He is so in love with Odi that he frequently shows him off to fans on live streams and on social media. On Aug 17, 2023, Soobin announced in a Weverse broadcast that Odi had passed away. He will certainly be missed!

6. Jin (BTS) and his many pets

K-pop pets - Jin and his pets

The final K-pop idol pet owner on our list is BTS member Jin, who has had a lifelong love for animals. He grew up with an adorable white Maltese dog named Jjangu, who was rescued and raised by his family. He was particularly close to Jjangu and often talked about him in interviews.

His parents also gifted him with two cute sugar gliders, which he named Odeng and Eumuk, after the Korean words for “fish” and “cake”. While looking after them was challenging due to the amount of care they needed, it was also very rewarding, and Jin later got a third sugar glider named Gukmool, after the Korean word for “soup”.

Sadly, Jjangu, Odeng and Eumuk passed away within the space of a few years, leaving Jin heartbroken. While he still loves and cares for Gukmool, he has never forgotten his older pets, and even wrote a song for them, Tonight, in which he sings about how much they meant to him.

We hope that these heartwarming stories of how much our favorite K-pop idols adore their furry friends also inspire you to show the same love to your own pets.

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