Hottest Korean Actors with Sizzling Physiques Part 2

Get ready to swoon with Part 2 of our feature on the hottest celebrity bodies in Korean entertainment. This time, we have a list of 7 more of the hottest Korean actors. They are not just talented performers; they also have seriously sexy toned physiques.

In fact, their dedication to their craft is matched only by their commitment to keeping fit at the gym. We can’t help but stare (respectfully) every time we catch a glimpse of their toned arms and abs on-screen.

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin

This stylish heartthrob made his acting debut almost two decades ago in the drama series Bodyguard, and since then, has built a reputation for himself as one of the most hardworking (and sexy) actors in South Korea.

His acting credits range from romantic dramas such as My Lovely Sam Soon and Secret Garden, to action films like Confidential Assignment and The Swindlers, proving him to be one of the most versatile actors in the industry.

He shot to international stardom with his standout role in the romantic drama Crash Landing On You. His charismatic performance as a North Korean captain who helps a stranded heiress return home also earned him the second Grand Prize (Daesang) award of his career.

Not only that, Hyun Bin also married his Crash Landing co-star Son Ye-Jin in 2022, and the couple have one child together.

Hyun Bin is currently focusing on his film career. He was seen earlier this year in the action thriller The Point Men, and has a starring role in the upcoming historical film Harbin, in which he plays Korean national icon Ahn Jung-Geun.

Song Kang

Song Kang

With his innocent smile and his boyish good looks, is it any wonder that Song Kang is popular among romantic comedy fans?

Many international viewers first fell in love with him after seeing him in one of the many K-drama series showing on Netflix. In fact, Song Kang is such a familiar face on the streamer, that it has earned him the nickname “The Son of Netflix” among Korean fans.

Some of his most famous roles include those in Love Alarm, Nevertheless, Inkigayo and Sweet Home.

Song Kang

But what puts Song Kang on our list is not his adorable good looks, but his toned physique. He often shows off his surprisingly muscular biceps during his gym workout photos on social media, leaving fans all hot and bothered.

His next role is in the fantasy drama My Demon, alongside 20th Century Girl star Kim Yoo-Jung. We are sure this sexy actor will definitely give fans a performance to remember.

Wi Ha-Joon

Wi Ha-Joon first came to our attention in 2021’s hit drama series Squid Game, but the handsome young star is a familiar face among other actors in the Korean entertainment scene.

He has starring roles on both the silver and small screens, ranging from horror films to romantic comedies. Some of his most notable projects include Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, Midnight, and Bad and Crazy.

 Besides acting, his good looks have also earned him several modelling gigs, as well as the honor of being named one of GQ Korea’s Men of the Year in 2022.

Despite his busy schedule, Wi Ha-Joon still makes time to hit the gym, and maintain his well-toned physique, which he enjoys showing off to his fans.

His next project is the crime drama The Worst of Evil, in which he gets to flex his acting chops as the leader of a criminal organization.

Huh Joon-Ho

Huh Joon Ho

The oldest actor on our list, Huh Joon-Ho first started out as a theater actor, before making a name for himself with roles in television and film. He has had starring roles in a number of big projects, making him one of the most prolific actors in the South Korean entertainment scene.

We were first introduced to him as the elderly statesman An Hyun in the zombie drama Kingdom, but in real life, Huh Joon-Ho has a body that would put men half his age to shame. He is just as serious about his workouts at the gym as he is with his roles, and he has the muscles to prove it.

Huh Joon Ho

He was finally able to show off his physique in the action drama Bloodhounds. While his character President Choi spends most of the drama in a wheelchair, a flashback showed just how strong he once was, with an intense fight scene that left us all on edge.

His next projects are both feature films, the war drama Noryang and a mystery thriller titled Possession.

Jung Ji-Hoon

The actor formerly known as Rain needs no introduction. As one of Korea’s most recognizable music stars, he charmed crowds all over the region with his dance skills and his fit, toned body. Besides his sexy good looks, he was also one of the first Korean actors to star in a Hollywood production. International fans first noticed him through roles in Speed Racer and the action film Ninja Assassin.

Aside from continuing to perform in concerts for his fans around the world, he has also starred in a number of K-drama series over the years, including the hit drama Ghost Doctor and Welcome 2 Life.

Rain Jung Ji-Hoon

Despite his grueling schedule, he has not let anything get in the way of keeping up his workout routine. His body remains just as toned as it was when he first began his career, much to the appreciation of his dedicated fanbase.

While he is still touring, he is also working on upcoming drama projects like the China production Endless August and the K-drama Fine Artist Scandal.

Jung Hae-In

Jung Hae In

He got his start in the Korean entertainment scene when he appeared in the music video for AOA Black’s 2013 hit Moya, and since then Jung Hae-In’s career has grown from strength to strength.

His acting credits range from a series of romantic dramas like Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Snowdrop, to the hard-hitting military drama D.P. He has also starred in a number of feature films, including the comedy-drama Start-Up.

Jung Hae In

While he certainly does have the acting chops, Jung Hae-In also has a well-toned physique, which he has showed off to great effect in several of his dramas, including one memorable shirtless scene in Snowdrop.

He will next be seen in Season 2 of D.P. which airs on July 28, 2023 on Netflix.

Ahn Hyo-Seop

One of the hottest young actors in the Korean entertainment scene today, Ahn Hyo-Seop not only has the acting skills to succeed, but is also blessed with good looks.

He first got his start in the K-pop industry, but soon turned to acting, making his debut in the 2015 drama Splash Splash Love. His breakout role was in the 2018 drama Still 17, which earned him several major awards.

Since then, he has proved himself a capable romantic lead with performances in Lovers of the Red Sky and the drama series Dr. Romantic.

Fans have also taken notice of his taut, toned physique, which has shown off in a number of magazine spreads. It’s clear that despite being offered more acting roles these days, he has not let his work get in the way of keeping himself fit and healthy.

He will also be making his feature film debut this year in the web novel adaptation Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint.

We hope you have enjoyed our rundown of some of K-dramas biggest hotties, almost as much as we enjoyed researching them!

Check back soon to see what else we have in store for you.