Pocket Rockets 2: Top 5 Shortest Female K-pop Idols

Good things come in small packages, and that is certainly true for these young musicians in the K-pop music industry. These petite popstars are shorter than the average female height in South Korea – around 5’3” (around 160cm) – but they stand tall in the music world.

Their small stature might make you think of them as ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’, but don’t forget they are talented performers. They’ve managed to win the hearts of fans all around the world thanks to their cheery personalities and down-to-earth natures.

Here are our favourite fun-sized K-pop idols, as well as the reasons why we love them.

1. AleXa – The Sassy Soloist

5 shortest female K-pop idols - AleXa

Standing at a petite 4’10”, AleXa is a Korean-American K-pop dynamo who first gained attention on reality shows like Rising Legends and Produce 48. Though she didn’t clinch the top spots, her solo career took off with hits like Bomb and Do or Die. AleXa’s versatility extends to collaborations with groups like DREAMCATCHER and even winning the American Song Contest.

2. Hikaru (KEP1ER) – The Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

Pocket rockets: 5 shortest female K-pop idols at - Hallyubeat.com
Hikaru Kep1er

At 5 feet, Hikaru is KEP1ER’s shortest but most effervescent K-pop idol. Before joining KEP1ER, she was part of Japan’s +GANG and later shined in Girls Planet 999. Her unique vocals and rap skills make her indispensable to the group.

3. Youngchae (former COCO) – The Budding Prodigy

Pocket rockets: 5 shortest female K-pop idols at - Hallyubeat.com
Youngchae looking pretty in a kimono

Youngchae, the youngest and shortest idol at 4’8″, started her journey with the children’s group COCO. Now a solo artist, she’s also ventured into acting and is a trainee at n.CH Entertainment.

4. Momoka (PINK FANTASY) – The Shy Showstopper

Pocket rockets: 5 shortest female K-pop idols at - Hallyubeat.com
Momoka Pink Fantasy

Next up on our list of Shortest Female K-Pop Idols is Momoka. Standing at 4’11”, was a J-idol before joining PINK FANTASY. She’s not just a main dancer and sub-vocalist but also a co-lyricist for the group’s single “Merry Fantasy.”

5. Yeojin (LOONA) – The Adorable Maknae

www.instagram.com/@ itsimyeojin

Yeojin, also 4’11”, is LOONA’s youngest and shortest member. Her solo career preceded her group debut, and she’s been a fan favourite ever since.

These petite female K-pop idols prove that it is possible to achieve your dreams no matter what your size, and we love them for it! Next, check out our article on the shortest male K-pop idols.

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