BTS’ Suga sets Spotify record with 3 billion streams

BTS’ Suga has set an overwhelming record on Spotify. On Aug 1, 2023, it was revealed that the total number of streams of his songs on the music platform exceeded 3 billion. This is a first for any K-pop solo artist.

The record includes streams of Suga’s songs under his three different aliases: Suga, Agust D, and as a member of BTS.

His most-streamed song is Seesaw, with over 200 million streams recorded followed by Intrude: Shadow, which had over 100 million streams. Other popular songs include Daechwita, Haegeum, and People pt2  (feat. IU).

Last month, it was revealed that Suga also set a new record on Spotify for the most number of streams by any Korean solo singer. Excluding songs from any BTS albums, streams of songs written under his two solo credits alone exceeded 2.5 billion.

In addition to his success on Spotify, Suga has also achieved great success on the iTunes charts. He is the only rapper to have three or more songs reach number one on the iTunes charts in 100 countries.