Poster for Rowoon’s new ‘Destined With You’ drama released

The poster for the new drama series starring SF9’s Rowoon has dropped, and reveals hints of the supernatural romance plotline.

The drama, titled Destined With You, features Rowoon as a lawyer named Jang Shin-Yoo, starring alongside Jo Bo-Ah who plays Lee Hong-Jo, a civil servant who comes across a mysterious wooden box that holds a forbidden book.

According to the drama summary, Jang Shin-Yoo is accidentally cursed, and seeks Lee Hong-Jo’s help to undo it, which reveals a secret 300-year-old history between them.

The poster for the drama shows both Rowoon and Jo Bo-Ah standing in a field under a mysterious pink moon. On the ground, the wooden box can be seen lying at one side, and at the other is an altar with burning candles and several golden bowls.

It appears that the drama will show the two characters getting closer while trying to break the curse.

Destined With You is set to premiere on Aug 23, 2023 at 10.30pm.

Rowoon and Jo Bo-Ah in ‘Destined With You’. – JTBC