ARMYs recall Lizzo’s rude BTS comments from 2019

ARMYs have rediscovered pop singer Lizzo’s past comments about BTS. This follows the recent lawsuit against her by her former dancers for sexual harassment and creating a toxic work environment.

Lizzo is facing accusations of sexual, religious and racial harassment, discrimination, assault and false imprisonment by three dancers. Some of the more contentious charges included fat-shaming, forcing a dancer to touch a nude dancer against her will, and firing her dancers after they spoke out against the abuse.

Lizzo’s dance team captain is also named as part of the lawsuit, and is alleged to have tried to force the dancers to convert to her and Lizzo’s religion, and also participated in the sexual harassment.

ARMY voice out

When the allegations surfaced, several ARMYs took to Twitter (now named X) to point out past incidents where Lizzo had made some sexual comments about BTS.

Lizzo and several members of BTS had met each other in 2021 at a Harry Styles concert in California. They had taken several photographs together. They apparently hit it off, and had kept in touch following their meeting.

ARMYs recall Lizzo's rude BTS comments from 2019

In interviews, RM said that Lizzo declared herself a fan of both Jimin and V. Lizzo herself also spoke about texting with J-Hope, calling him her “texting buddy”. Several BTS members, such as V, had also recorded themselves dancing to her music.

At the time, people mostly viewed their interaction as cute and harmless. … But several ARMYs had been vocal about how Lizzo was not the right person to be associating with them. This is because she had made several sexual comments about them in the past.

Now that Lizzo’s lawsuit is making the news, one particular clip has gone viral online. In a 2019 interview with CBC Music, Lizzo was shown listening to BTS’ music for the first time.

Amidst positive comments about BTS’ song, Lizzo had also pointed out how the music was making her “feel sexual”, adding “Turn this off, I’m about to get pregnant”. She also commented about how she would love to collaborate with the group, but didn’t know if she “would make it through a whole studio session without having sex with all of them”.

In light of Lizzo’s recent sexual harassment allegations, fans are now looking back at this clip in a negative light.

At the time of writing, neither Lizzo nor BTS have made any comments about her ongoing lawsuit.