STRAY KIDS members announce personal Instagram accounts

After years of sharing the group’s official Instagram account, 6 members of STRAY KIDS have now created their own individual accounts on the platform.

Yesterday, fans of the group were thrilled when it was announced that STRAY KIDS members I.N, Bangchan, Changbin, Seungmin, Heungjin and Felix had launched their own personal Instagram accounts. The accounts were launched in conjunction with the third anniversary of STRAY KIDS’ STAYS fandom.

The new accounts were announced on Twitter (now called X) and fans immediately began following the group members. At the time of writing, each account has registered over 3 million followers.

A screenshot of STRAY KIDS members’ new Instagram accounts.

In particular, STRAY KIDS’ Changbin’s account has been praised for its clever handle @jutdwae. The name apparently stems from a combination of his nickname in Korean “Jutdae”, which means “man of principles”, and the letters “dw” from his SKZOO character Dwaekki. But apparently, the word “jutdwae” itself is a double entendre, meaning something like “to be screwed (in a bad situation)”.

Meanwhile, Lee Know and Han, the two remaining members of STRAY KIDS who have yet to make their individual Instagram accounts, have stated that they are not ready to make their own accounts yet. However, they will continue to communicate with fans through other platforms such as Bubble.

Lee Know even joked that the official STRAY KIDS Instagram account was now “all his”, updating it with one of his doodles and several of his selfies in ‘celebration’.