LE SSERAFIM to release remix track with Demi Lovato

Get ready to listen to LE SSERAFIM’s upcoming remix of Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s Wife, which will be released today at 1pm KST. The remix features a collaboration with US pop singer Demi Lovato, with visual teasers of the upcoming release already going viral online.

One teaser released online featured a snippet of the iconic lines “I see it written on your face, yeah / I know you want a little taste, yeah/ You know I’ll put you in your place / You’re crawling on the floor/ Begging me for more, ooh” being sung by Demi Lovato, before LE SSERAFIM come in to deliver a portion of the bridge.

This is LE SSERAFIM’s third remix of the hit track … Following previous collaborations with US singer-songwriter UPSAHL and British singer and actress Rina Sawayama which were released in July.

LE SSERAFIM is also set to begin its much-awaited Flame Rises tour beginning in Seoul on Aug 12, 2023.

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