Lim Ji-Yeon out to stop a killer in The Killing Vote

Actress Lim Ji-Yeon stars in The Killing Vote, playing a police officer tracking a vigilante executing criminals who have escaped the law.

The Killing Vote is an upcoming SBS drama based on a popular webtoon. The drama will premiere at 9pm KST on Aug 10, 2023, and Amazon Prime Video will air it internationally in selected regions.

According to a summary of the plot … The Killing Vote is about a masked vigilante known as Dog Mask. He kidnaps criminals and broadcasts a poll asking ordinary citizens to vote on whether they should be executed. If more than 50% of people vote ‘yes’, he then carries out the killing.

The dark, intense drama makes viewers question their idea of justice … As well as how to deal with those who appear to operate outside of the law.

In The Killing Vote, Lim Ji-Yeon plays Joo Hyeon, a Seoul police officer trying to stop the mysterious Dog Mask. The drama also stars Park Hae-Jin as Kim Moo-Chan, the head of the Seoul investigative unit.

Kwok Seo-Jun, played by Park Sung-Woong, is a prisoner convicted of killing a man who brutally assaulted his young daughter.

Lim Ji-Yeon first caught our attention for her outstanding performance as the devious and cruel bully in the hit series The Glory. She was later revealed to be dating her The Glory co-star Lee Do-Hyun, who will begin his mandatory military service on Aug 14.

With The Killing Vote, she can now show off her range as a gentle-hearted police officer.

The Killing Vote director Park Shin-Woo previously praised her performance in the drama, saying that fans of Lim Ji-Yeon will be able to see her play “a lovable eccentric” who is passionate about justice.

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