Kim So-Hyun in talks for Park Bo-Gum, Oh Jung-Se project

Actress Kim So-Hyun has been tapped for a role opposite Park Bo-Gum and Oh Jung-Se in an upcoming action-comedy drama.

According to reports, the the drama’s title is Good Boy, and follows a group of Olympic gold medalists who decide to join the police force. They decide to use the skills from their Olympic training in order to stop criminals, and become a squad of ‘Olympic Avengers’.

Park Bo-Gum has been confirmed for the lead role in the drama. He will play Yoon Dong-Ju, a former Olympic boxer. At the time of writing, there are no details about the roles given to Oh Jung-Se or Kim So-Hyun. Considering the theme, fans should be able to expect plenty of intense fight scenes.

Park Bo-Gum (left) and Oh Jung-Se. – / Viki

A new pairing on the horizon?

While there is no official confirmation about Kim So-Hyun’s casting, fans are excited about the prospect of seeing her and Park Bo-Gum together onscreen. Both of them are talented actors, and fans are hoping to get to see them play off each other.

Bo-gum made a name for himself with roles in the K-dramas Reply 1988, Love in the Moonlight, and Record of Youth. He is also a talented singer and has released five singles and one studio album in recent years.

Known as ‘The Nation’s Little Sister’, Kim So-Hyun has done extensive work in K-dramas. This includes roles in the period drama River Where The Moon Rises and While You Were Sleeping. She is currently starring in the romantic drama My Lovely Liar, opposite Hwang Min-Hyun. In it, she plays a young woman who has a special ability that allows her to know whether people are lying or not. She gets entangled in a murder mystery, making her situation more complicated.

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