LOOSSEMBLE announce debut tour in the US

Recently formed girl group LOOSSEMBLE has released new concept photos and details of its upcoming US tour as part of their debut.

The group, which revealed itself on Aug 2, is made up of LOONA members Hyeju, Gowon, Vivi, Yeojin and Hyunjin. Earlier today, they shared individual and group photos on their new social media accounts.

The photos show the girls dressed in stylish all-black outfits, with subtle but sophisticated makeup. The new images are in contrast to the soft, dreamy looks they sported in their earlier photos, hinting further at the group’s concept for their debut.


They also shared a poster featuring the dates and locations of their planned US debut tour. The tour will take place from Sept 15 to Oct 10, 2023, with stops at 10 cities. These include New York, Reading, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Fort Worth, Denver, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

The poster also features the girls standing in front of an image of a purple planet, with the tour stops indicated as stars. This continues the space theme of their group, which may be a play on how “LOONA” sounds similar to the word “lunar”.

As we await further details about the girls’ upcoming debut, feast your eyes on their new individual photos.

Hyeju. – www.instagram.com/@loossemble.official
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