SHINee fans feeling nostalgic over recent Onew videos

One of the biggest comebacks of this year has to be that of K-pop legends SHINEE, who have been hard at work promoting their eighth studio album HARD, which was released in June 2023.

Members Key, Minho and Taemin have been making appearances in variety shows and live performances since HARD‘s launch. However, fans have missed seeing Onew, who is taking a break from promoting the album due to health issues.

Perhaps as a way to ease fans’ worries, SHINee’s social media accounts have recently posted videos of Onew shot earlier this year. The videos feature behind-the-scenes footage shot while he was preparing for his solo concert, O-New-Note.

The first video, posted on SHINee’s YouTube channel on Aug 4, shows Onew conducting rehearsals with his dancers. It shows how much work was put into the preparations, as well as how determined Onew is at making it enjoyable for the fans.

The latest video released today features a look at the shooting for Onew’s concert VCR. Onew is shown talking about the concept for the shoot and playing around with the perfume bottles on the set.

Fans have reacted warmly to the videos, thanking the SHINee account admins for sharing the videos. They praised the most recent video and spoke about how much they missed Onew.

Some fans were wondering if the videos are a sign that Onew will be making his return to promotions soon, and hoped that he was taking care of his health.

Meanwhile, the show still goes on for SHINee. The group is set to hold an arena tour of Japan from Sept 30 to Nov 29. The concert event will be called the SHINee WORLD VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION] tour.