Yoona and Junho’s cute moments from King The Land go viral

Fans of King The Land got a treat after Netflix released cute footage of stars Yoona and Junho ahead of the drama’s finale.

The footage, which runs for about a minute, was accompanied by the caption “Who allowed them to be this cute?!”. It shows the two actors having fun in between shooting scenes for the drama.

Yoona and Junho can be seen sharing jokes on the King The Land set, taking photos and even fixing each other’s hair while waiting for their scenes to begin. There are also a few playful moments. These included moments where Junho ties the sleeves of Yoona’s sweater together, and when Yoona pretends to shadowbox with Junho.

King the Land behind the scenes
Yoona and Junho in ‘King the Land’. – JBTC

The co-stars appear to be completely at ease in each others’ company. In fact, their great chemistry together is exactly why the drama became such a worldwide hit. Fans have enjoyed seeing the two stars play off each other.

Junho plays Goo Won, a chaebol heir on the path to taking over the family business. Yoona is Cheon Sa-Rang, the hotel’s “queen of smiles and hospitality”. Goo Won’s bad attitude tests her patience.

Both stars have been longtime friends, ever since their days as K-pop idols with GIRLS’ GENERATION and 2PM respectively. Last month, fans were excited to hear news that the two were dating, although those rumors were later proven to be false.

King The Land is set to air its final two episodes on Aug 5 and 6, 2023. While it is certainly sad to see the series come to an end, hopefully these cute moments between Yoona and Junho will help to ease the sorrow.

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