ZEROBASEONE’s Matthew shares health update and Pancake Recipe

ZEROBASEONE’s very own Seok Matthew has some uplifting news for fans—his health is on the mend, and he’s also divulging his cherished pancake recipe.

Matthew and his bandmate Tae-Rae both received positive Covid-19 test results on August 3, 2023. Since then, they’ve been focusing on recuperation in the comfort of their homes.

Earlier today, Matthew took to ZEROBASEONE’s Twitter account (now rebranded as X) to keep fans in the loop. He assured everyone, “Tae-Rae and I are doing wonderfully, so no need for concern. Plus, tomorrow’s Sunday!”

Matthew also spilled the beans on his weekend culinary adventures, revealing that pancakes are his go-to comfort food. He humorously added, “Gyu-Vin thinks I’m a kitchen disaster!” accompanied by a sad face emoji.

Not one to hold back, Matthew went on to share his pancake-making process, emphasizing the use of almond milk over water for a creamier texture. He also lifted the lid on his top three pancake toppings: banana paired with peanut butter, strawberries crowned with whipped cream, and Nutella complemented by a drizzle of maple syrup.

The fan community was quick to shower Matthew and Tae-Rae with well-wishes for a swift recovery. Many even pledged to give Matthew’s pancake recipe a whirl in their own kitchens.

To further ease fans’ concerns, Matthew posted several snapshots of himself, radiating good health and high spirits.

So, whether you’re a ZEROBASEONE aficionado or a pancake enthusiast, Matthew’s latest update offers a double dose of positivity.

Matthew also shared several photos of himself, to reassure fans that he was feeling much better:

ZEROBASEONE's Matthew shares health update and Pancake Recipe
ZEROBASEONE's Matthew shares health update and Pancake Recipe
ZEROBASEONE's Matthew shares health update and Pancake Recipe

We also hope that both Matthew and Tae-Rae will get well soon, and look forward to seeing them performing with the rest of ZEROBASEONE again soon!

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