ARMYs demand apology over false BTS subway rumours

ARMYS are demanding apologies from Korean news outlets for spreading false reports that a subway train was evacuated after BTS fans rioted.

The incident took place yesterday evening on the Seoul Subway 9 Line train. A commotion took place when the train was evacuated, and several passengers were injured.

Reports from a few news outlets claimed that the evacuation was caused by ARMYs who were screaming from watching a livestream of BTS member SUGA showing off his “7” friendship tattoo. The screams were said to have caused a panic among the other passengers, leading to the train’s evacuation.

Later, SBS reported that the incident had begun after passengers smelled gas on the train. This led to passengers running to leave the train, which resulted in some injuries.

The report added that police and fire services had received calls from passengers mentioning both the panic and the smell of gas, and had arrived on the scene to inspect the situation. After discovering “nothing unusual”, they transported several injured passengers to the hospital.

The new revelations caused ARMYs to react angrily over the initial false accusations, with the hashtags #APOLOGIZE TO BTS, #RESPECT BTS, and #WE ARE WITH BTS trending on X (formerly Twitter).

They demanded that the new outlets apologize for spreading the rumors, which had resulted in some hate directed at ARMYs and towards BTS online.

At the time of writing, there is still no response to the calls for an apology.