Netflix drops trailer for Rowoon’s Destined With You

The new trailer for the upcoming supernatural romance drama Destined With You shows Rowoon and Jo Bo-Ah in the grips of a forbidden love. The JTBC drama stars Rowoon as a lawyer named Jang Shin-Yoo who is bound by an ancient curse. Jo Bo-Ah joins him as Lee Hong-Jo, a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom.

Fans of both stars have high expectations for their performance in the K-drama. The concept of rivals-turned-lovers and a romance across time are especially appealing. The role that magic will play in all this is also intriguing. Destined With You premieres on Netflix on Aug 17, 2023.

The trailer for Destined With You shows scenes of the couple in present day. This is intercut with scenes of their characters in the past, during the Joseon era. It is revealed that their destinies have been intertwined since the beginning. One scene shows them meeting on a bridge, before embracing.

The dialogue over the scene has Jo Bo-Ah’s Hong-Jo saying: “I saw the future. There is no place for me by your side, Young Master.” Rowoon’s Shin-Yoo then replies: “Let’s run away, to some place.”

This production is the latest lead role for Rowoon. The member of K-pop group SF9 made his debut as an actor in the 2017 K-drama School 2017, with a cameo role.

One of his best known performances is in the 2019 drama Extraordinary You. He plays a character who is unaware that he lives in a comic book.

His last major role was in the hit K-drama The King’s Affection. There he played the tutor to the crown prince, who is really a woman in disguise.

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