GIRLS’ GENERATION’s Sunny leaves SM Entertainment

Sunny of GIRLS’ GENERATION has announced that she is leaving her agency SM Entertainment, 16 years after making her K-pop debut.

She made the announcement through her Instagram, along with an image of a pink tile. Her message read in part: “Today, I want to express my gratitude and greetings to SM Entertainment for helping 19-year-old Lee Sung-gyu to debut as Girls’ Generation Sunny.” (translated)

She added: “Thank you to the managers who worked hard together during 16 years of entertainment activities, and to all the employees who helped us to give positive energy to many people through various stages and content with good music and good looks.”

Sunny’s announcement on Instagram. – 515sunnyday

She concluded with: “From now on, I intend to muster up the courage to look at myself through a new lens in a new environment.”

Prior to this announcement, fans had already suspected that Sunny would be leaving SM Entertainment. She was one of five members of the group remaning with agency, alongside Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Yoona.

Sunny and fellow Girls’ Generation members during their 15th anniversary comeback in 2022. – 515sunnyday

The group celebrated its 16th anniversary on Aug 5, and Sunny was the only one who did not post a message to celebrate the occasion.

While fans are sorry to see her go, they also wish her all the happiness as she embarks on a new chapter in her life. 

Sunny herself also told fans to look forward to more good news from her in the future.