Boys Planet group BLIT changes name to EVNNE

Newly formed boy group BLIT is changing their name to EVNNE, in a rebranding effort by their management company Jellyfish Entertainment.

The group’s new name EVNNE stands for “Evening’s Newest Etoiles”. The word “étoile” is the French term for “star”. The new name is said to represent how the group is a new star rising in the night sky.

EVNNE consists of 7 members: Lee Jung-Hyun, Moon Jung-Hyun, Park Ji-Hoo and Park Han-Bin who are represented by Wake One Entertainment, Ji Yoon-Seo and Yoo Seung-Eon who are represented by Yuehua Entertainment; and CIIPHER member Keita, represented by Rain Company.

Rain Company recently announced that 4 members of CIIPHER were leaving the group. However, Keita and two other CIIPHER members will remain with the company and continue with their individual activities.