Boys Planet group BLIT changes name to EVNNE

Newly formed boy group BLIT is changing their name to EVNNE, in a rebranding effort by their management company Jellyfish Entertainment.

The group’s new name EVNNE stands for “Evening’s Newest Etoiles”. The word “√©toile” is the French term for “star”. The new name is said to represent how the group is a new star rising in the night sky.

EVNNE consists of 7 members: Lee Jung-Hyun, Moon Jung-Hyun, Park Ji-Hoo and Park Han-Bin who are represented by Wake One Entertainment, Ji Yoon-Seo and Yoo Seung-Eon who are represented by Yuehua Entertainment; and CIIPHER member Keita, represented by Rain Company.

Rain Company recently announced that 4 members of CIIPHER were leaving the group. However, Keita and two other CIIPHER members will remain with the company and continue with their individual activities.