New K-pop lineup for rescheduled World Scout Jamboree concert

NEWJEANS, ITZY, MAMAMOO, NCT DREAM and Kwon Eun-Bi have been announced as part of the revised lineup for the World Scout Jamboree Concert. This is the latest development in the controversial 25th World Scout Jamboree taking place in South Korea from Aug 1-12, 2023. The event has been plagued by a series of problems since the start.

An ongoing heatwave resulted in thousands of jamboree participants falling ill, and contingents from the US, UK and Singapore pulling out. Over the past week, there have been reports of poor sanitation, lack of food and an insect infestation.

On Aug 8, the venue had to be changed due to the approach of Typhoon Khanun, with over 40,000 remaining participants having to evacuate.

Organizers have been scrambling to save the event through the K-pop Super Live concert, which is part of the jamboree’s activities.

The concert, originally scheduled for Aug 6, was postponed to Aug 11 due to the heatwave. The initial lineup consisted of IVE, ZEROBASEONE, NMIXX, STAYC, P1HARMONY, &TEAM, VERIVERY, Lee Chae-Yeon, Aiki, NATURE, ATBO, and XIKERS.

Organizers were reportedly adding new artists to the lineup. BTS members Jin and J-Hope, who are currently performing their military service, have been asked to take part. This has angered BTS fans, who are upset that the group would be associated with the disastrous event.

In addition, the revised concert date has caused issues for other music events. Organizers for the 2023 Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF), which takes place from Aug 11-13, have accused K-pop Super Live organizers of trying to poach headlining acts from their event.

It was also reported that the new lineup consists of artists who were to perform at the KBS Music Bank broadcast on Aug 11. The broadcast has since been canceled, and will resume on Aug 18.

Further artists are expected to be announced for the K-pop Super Live concert, which will take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.