Blinks demand NEWJEANS fansite apologize to Lisa

A NEWJEANS fansite has drawn the ire of BLACKPINK fans when it posted an offensive statement directed Lisa in a comment. The drama went down on X (formerly Twitter) with Blinks demanding an apology from the fansite, NEWJEANS GLOBAL.

The incident took place earlier today, when entertainment news portal Pop Crave posted images from Lisa’s recent vacation to Greece, with the caption: “BLACKPINK’s Lisa looks amazing in new photos.”

Soon afterward, NEWJEANS GLOBAL commented on the post, writing: “She looks terrible” followed by a series of emojis that included the symbol for poop, vomiting and a raised middle finger.

Screenshot from X.

The offensive statement caught the attention of Blinks, who immediately attacked the fansite demanding an apology. At some point, the fansite posted that they were being hacked, and that they were trying to sort things out. This was followed by several tweets in Arabic which contained some vile statements against BLACKPINK fans and Lisa, as well as a racist comment against Black people.

Two hours after the incident, NEWJEANS GLOBAL posted a statement emphasizing that they had been hacked, and the comments were posted “without the knowledge of any of our admins”. It added that the posts had been taken down and that the fansite’s password had been changed.

Screenshot from X.

The fansite later went private, but not before the phrase “APOLOGIZE TO LISA” had become one of the top trends on the platform.

Some fans refused to accept the hacking claims made by NEWJEANS GLOBAL, pointing out that many Blinks had been blocked by the fansite before they went private.

In addition, BLACKPINK fans pointed out that the incendiary tweets had been posted after the first post (presumably written by an admin) that they were being hacked, which would be unlikely if hackers had truly taken complete control of the fansite.

At the time of writing, it appears that the fansite NEWJEANS GLOBAL has been taken down completely, with no further explanation of the situation or apology.

This situation has certainly been unpleasant, and we hope that no further incidents occur in the future.