BTS’ V drops MV for ‘Love Me Again’

BTS member V has released the music video for his first single, “Layover,” from his debut solo album. It was revealed to be a tender, sultry love ballad. The track, Love Me Again, is the first song off the album, will be available on Sept 8, 2023.

The music video for Love Me Again shows V, also known as Kim Taehyung, performing the track in what appears to be a cave. Sporting the slicked back blond hair, he sings while surrounded with what looks like karaoke equipment. During several points in the song, the BTS member sings along to his own karaoke video, displaying the lyrics on the screen.

Fans have well received the music video, which gained almost 3 million views on YouTube within its first hour of release.

Watch the music video for Love Me Again below:

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