Hwang Min-Hyun to star in new drama Study Group

Singer Hwang Min-Hyun has been confirmed as the lead in the upcoming K-drama Study Group. He will play a student who forms a study group in a delinquent school. The drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same name.

He will play Yoon Ga-Min, a student skilled in martial arts despite his mild looks. He is a student at Yusung Technical High School, renowned for its challenging environment. Ga-Min decides to start a study group with a goal to excel in college entrance exams, and manages to get several other students to join him.

However, other students begin to resent their efforts, and decide to pick a fight with the study group. Ga-Min is forced to defend his friends against the bullies.

Readers have praised the Study Group webtoon for focusing on themes of determination, friendship, and the hardships of student life. Fans of Hwang Min-Hyun are looking forward to seeing him bring Ga-Min to life.

Hwang Min-Hyun, action star

The former member of NU’EST and WANNA ONE will also get a chance to show off his athleticism in the drama’s fight scenes. According to his agency Pledis Entertainment: “Hwang Min-Hyun will perform flashy and striking [fight moves] based on Jeet Kune Do. It will be reminiscent of Bruce Lee.”

Actress Han Ji-Eun will star alongside Hwang-Min Hyun in Study Group. She will play Lee Han-Kyung, a young teacher at the school who wants to make a difference. Her character helps Ga-Min and his friends in their efforts to study.

At the time of writing, the company has not announced a production or release date. However, fans are looking forward to hearing more new about the drama in the future.

Currently, Hwang Min-Hyung is starring in the ongoing drama My Lovely Liar, starring alongside Kim So-Hyun. His last project was the hit drama series Alchemy of Souls.

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