Kim Sae-Ron makes comeback in MV lead role

Actress Kim Sae-Ron is poised to make her comeback to the Korean entertainment scene as the lead in an upcoming music video. This will be her first public appearance in over a year following her much-publicized DUI accident in May 2022.

The actress will be appearing in the music video for the song Bittersweet, performed by singer Christine Corless. The song will be produced by the production company EL Brothers. When approached by Korean media outlets,  El Brother confirmed that “Kim Sae-Ron will appear in the music video”.

In May of last year, Kim Sae-Ron was arrested after a spectacular car accident in Seoul. During the incident she was alleged to have run over a guard rail and crashed into a tree. She was later determined to have been driving under the influence, and fined a total of 20 million won (around US$15,200).

The incident shocked the public in South Korea. Kim Sae-Ron later made a tearful public apology, saying there was “no excuse” for the accident.

At the time, she was considered to be one of the rising stars of the K-drama scene. Her more notable projects included Secret Healer, Leverage and Kiss Sixth Sense. However, the accident put an immediate stop to her career.

The scandal surrounding the accident forced her to withdraw from starring in the K-drama Trolley. She also sat out promoting the Netflix drama Bloodhounds, in which she had a leading role. Another project, the feature film Everyday We Are, had its release date held back.

Since then she has been lying low, however her loyal fans had been hoping for her eventual return.

Fans are hoping that this new music video role will give Kim Sae-Ron a welcome career boost. Hopefully she has learnt from this incident, and will come back stronger than ever.