Star-studded cast for mystery-thriller No Way Out

The upcoming mystery-thriller K-drama No Way Out will star Lee Sun-Kyun, Yoo Jae-Myung, Kim Moo-Yeol and Lee Kwang-Soo. The story begins with a bounty of 20 billion won (around US$15.2 million). Anyone who can kill a certain criminal, who is being released from jail, is promised a bounty.

The plot of this K-drama is largely unknown. However, the summary offers some clues. The police decide to protect the criminal, and task one of their officers to watch him. Amidst all this, a lawyer decides to become the legal representative of the criminal in a bid for fame.

Some high-profile people see the situation as an opportunity for success. A mayor decides to use the criminal to survive a political crisis. There is also an assassin who comes to Korea to kill the criminal according to the horoscope.

Above all, is the mysterious figure who first put the bounty on the criminal’s head.

The cast and crew

The drama will be helmed by Life Is Beautiful director Choi Gook-Hee, with a script written by Lee Soo-Jin.

According to reports, Lee Sun-Kyun will play Baek Joong-Sik, a police officer tasked with protecting the criminal from vigilantes who are looking to claim the bounty. International audiences last saw him in the Oscar-winning Parasite. His latest film Sleep will premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.

Yoo Jae-Myung (Stranger, Itaewon ClassVincenzo) plays the man being hunted, Kim Gook-Ho. Kim Moo-Yeol (The Devil’s Deal, Juvenile Justice) plays Gook-Ho’s lawyer Lee Sang-Bong. Lee Kwang-Soo plays a butcher named Yoon Chang-Jae, who is trying to recover money that he lost.

No Way Out will start filming in October.

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