ZEROBASEONE attacked on Weibo, fans rush to defense

Fans of ZEROBASEONE are urging Wakeone to protect the group, after several of its members began receiving hate messages on Weibo. At least 5 members of the group have come under attack on the platform, with negative hashtags and offending images being posted to their individual Weibo accounts.

ZEROBASEONE first opened Weibo accounts around two months ago in order to connect with fans in China. Group members Ricky and Zhang Hao originated from China, and several of the others are able to speak conversational Mandarin.

However in recent days, several of the group members have suddenly come under attack on Weibo, with fans saying that their tags are being “flooded” with offending images and videos.

ZEROBASEONE fans have begun mobilizing on X in order to draw attention to the problem and to urge their agency Wakeone to take action.

It appears that antis first attacked Weibo accounts by Yujin and Ricky, and later turned their attention to several more members of the group. 

Fans have urged those with Weibo accounts to flood the group members accounts and tags with messages of support, and also urged them to report any hateful messages that they find.

At the same time, hashtags such as #WakeoneProtectYourArtist and individual hashtags for each of the ZEROBASEONE members under attack have begun trending.

Wakeone has spoken out in the past about being willing to take legal action to protect the group. We can only hope that they will step up to resolve the situation soon.