AESPA tease upcoming single with refreshing concept

AESPA have dropped new concept photos for their upcoming single Better Things, with a refreshing summer theme that shows off their visuals. The girls are dressed in colourful outfits that stand out amidst the green jungle setting, rising like flowers out of the landscape.

Their single Better Things is a minimal, up-tempo dance song, with lyrics that contain a positive message. The song will be released on Aug 18, 2023 at 1pm KST.

AESPA’s NingNing, Giselle, Karina and Winter are keeping ahead of their single’s release. They will be performing at the Outside Lands music festival in Los Angeles later today.

The upcoming single is also a welcome joy following the recent death threat made against Winter. The incident led to the group leaving for their LA performance under police protection.

Feast your eyes on AESPA’s beautiful new concept photos below:
NingNing. –
Winter. –
Giselle. –
Karina. –