BLACKPINK vs NEWJEANS: Fans Clash After Lisa Insult

Blinks and Bunnies have begun mobilizing online in response to an incident yesterday where a NEWJEANS fansite posted a hate comment directed at BLACKPINK member Lisa. Groups of fans have taken to X (formerly Twitter) in a hashtag battle to show support for their respective faves.

It all began yesterday when a NEWJEANS fansite, named NEWJEANS GLOBAL, posted a hate comment about Lisa on a post about the singer’s recent vacation to Greece. Fans immediately began demanding an apology from the fansite, causing the phrase “APOLOGIZE TO LISA” to trend on X.

The situation has since made international news, appearing in several international publications. It also was featured in television news broadcasts in the Philippines and Thailand.

While most of the anger has been directed at the fansite, which appeared to be deactivated shortly after the incident, it appears that a small group of BLACKPINK fans have also set their sights on the NEWJEANS fandom in general, blaming Bunnies for the situation.

In return, Bunnies began their own online movement, posting under the hashtag #WeLoveYouNewJean and under the individual names of the group’s members Minji, Haerin, Hanni, Danielle and Hyein. They pointed out that the incident with the fansite had nothing to do with the group.

At the time of writing, the fansite at the center of the storm remains deactivated. Aside from a message posted by admins shortly before it went offline that claimed that they had been “hacked”, there has been no further news or clarification from them.