BTS V’s Sultry New Music Video Rainy Days Is a Must-Watch

BTS singer V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has released the second music video in the lead up to the release of his debut solo album Layover. The music video for Rainy Days hit 1 million views within 22 minutes after being uploaded on YouTube.

The music video shows V lounging in his bedroom in a futuristic-looking apartment. He is then shown walking around his apartment, making breakfast, using the computer and watching television. The second half of the video shows him in his art studio, sculpting and painting.

An adorable Pomeranian dog also makes a special appearance in the video, waking V up and cuddling with him as he sits on a chair. Initially it was believed to be V’s pet Yeontan, but he later revealed that it was actually a lookalike.

The music video coincides with the launch of V’s pre-release single featuring both Rainy Days and Love Me Again.

V has also released a series of concept photos for Layover, hyping up fans ahead of the album’s official release on Sept 8, 2023 at 1PM KST.

Watch the music video for Rainy Days by V below: