BTS’ V admits ‘Rainy Days’ dog was not Yeontan

BTS singer V has shocked fans by revealing the dog in his Rainy Days music video was not his beloved pet Yeontan, but a lookalike. He broke the news to fans during a Weverse Live stream, apologizing for ‘misleading’ them.

The music video for Rainy Days, released on Aug 11, 2023, shows V (who is also known as Kim Taehyung) spending a day in his apartment and art studio. In several scenes, he plays with a dog that fans believed to be his beloved pet Pomeranian Yeontan.

Yeontan had already been featured in several concept photos for V’s debut solo album Layover. Thus, fans were happy that he was making his music video debut.

Yeontan in Layover concept photos
Yeontan in a ‘Layover’ concept photo. –

However, V explained that they were unable to fly Yeontan to Spain, where the video for Rainy Days was filmed. He said that they decided to get a dog that strongly resembled Yeontan in order to replace him.

While he did not name the lookalike pooch, several fans have since discovered that the dog’s name is Rocky. And as seen in images shared by fans, he does look very much like Yeontan.

Since V confessed to the switch, fans have been wondering about how Yeontan would feel about being replaced. They joked that he may never forgive V for the ‘betrayal’.

While we have no idea how Yeontan really feels about the Rainy Days music video, we know that fans can’t get enough of it. At the time of writing, the music video has racked up over 9.8 million views in its first 24 hours.

The music video is part of V’s promotional schedule for the launch of his Layover album. Fans can expect more concept photos on Aug 16 at 12AM KST.

Layover will officially be released on Sept 8, 1PM KST, along with the music video for the lead single Slow Dancing.