NEWJEANS Shares Reaction Video to “ETA” MV

Fresh off a sensational performance at the K-pop Super Live concert NEWJEANS gave their fans a treat on YouTube today. The group released a reaction video of the members watching their music video for the hit song ETA. The video gives a candid glimpse of NEWJEANS members Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein reacting to the MV. Along with the cheerful banter they also revealed some behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Here’s a detailed look at what this exciting release entails.

The Rising Stars in K-pop

NEWJEANS is quickly becoming a name to watch in the K-pop industry. Known for their vibrant energy and unique musical style, the girl group has been winning hearts since their debut. Their management team at ADOR is doing a brilliant job marketing the group and helping them engage their fandom. The reaction video adds a personal touch to the group’s growing catalogue of fan-centric content.

A screencap from NEWJEANS' hit ETA Music Video

A Personal Connection

More than entertainment, the reaction video connects the group with their fans, known as Bunnies. Watching the ETA MV, the girls joke, laugh, and share emotions and insights into the video.

ETA has surpassed 23 million views on YouTube since its premiere on July 21, 2023. The video was purportedly shot entirely on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Highlights of the Reaction Video

  • Laughter and Jokes: The girls’ playful banter and jokes add a lighthearted touch, making it a joy to watch.
  • Emotional Moments: The members of NEWJEANS provide a glimpse into their emotional connection to the song and the video.
  • Candid thoughts: The girls share stories from the filming process, offering fans insight into the creation of the ETA MV.

The release of the reaction video as mentioned above, is a delightful addition to their growing body of work. It’s a fun, engaging, and insightful watch that brings fans closer to the group. 

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