Netflix drops new Behind Your Touch photos

The cast of the K-drama Behind Your Touch sport serious expressions in new promotional photos released by Netflix. Cast members Lee Min-Ki, Han Ji-Min and Suho are shown lounging around a rustic set while dressed in vintage-inspired outfits.

Behind Your Touch has become a hit with fans since its Aug 12, 2023 premiere. The plot follows the life of small-town veterinarian Bong Ye-Bun (Han Ji-Min) who has a strange superpower. Ye-Bun can see the past of any person or animal whose bottom she touches.

According to the plot summary, she uses her power to help disgraced detective Jang Yeol (Lee Min-Ki) to solve crimes. However, their plan changes once a serial killer begins to commit crimes in their town.

Suho plays Kim Sun-Woo, a mysterious man who works at a local convenience store, and who will become involved with them in unexpected ways.

Behind Your Touch got off to a good start in viewership ratings, and it looks like fans can’t wait to see what happens next in the story. Many have also praised the performance of the three main cast members, who have great chemistry together.

Have a look at the new Behind Your Touch promotional photos released by Netflix below:

Han Ji-Min in Behind Your Touch
Han Ji-Min. – Netflix
Lee Min-Ki in Behind Your Touch
Lee Min-Ki. – Netflix
Suho in Behind Your Touch
Suho. – Netflix
Lee Min-Ki, Han Ji-Min and Suho in Behind Your Touch
Lee Min-Ki, Han Ji-Min and Suho. – Netflix