Park Ju-Hyun Replaces Jung Ji-So in upcoming drama

In a surprising turn of events, talented actress Park Ju-Hyun has been confirmed to replace Jung Ji-So in the eagerly awaited new drama, Perfect Family. Known for her remarkable performances in Zombie Detective, Mouse and The Forbidden Marriage, Park Ju-Hyun’s addition to the cast has stirred excitement among K-drama fans.

Webtoon Adaptation

The K-drama adaptation of Perfect Family webtoon follows the life of Sun Hee, a model student and her seemingly flawless family life. The sudden murder of Sun Hee’s friend Kyung-Ho disrupts their perfect life, leading to unexpected events and chaos.

Jung Ji-So, initially cast for the lead role of Sun Hee, had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts. Fans, initially expecting Jung Ji-So, have accepted the casting change and anticipate Park Ju-Hyun’s portrayal of Sun Hee.

Perfect Family is based on a popular webtoon will now be made into a K-drama

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Interesting facts about Park Ju-Hyun

  • She is a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts, where she majored in theatre.
  • She is a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch and has expressed her desire to work with him in the future.
  • She is a vegetarian and is passionate about animal rights.

Park Ju-Hyun’s selection for the lead role highlights her rising fame and versatility in playing various characters. Joining her in the main cast are Kim Byung Chul and Yoon Se Ah, who will star as Sun Hee’s adoptive parents, Choi Jin Hyuk and Han Eun Joo

Park Ju-Hyun's youthful looks is perfect for the role of Sun Hee